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Shakespeare's Avon Way

Stage 12: Wyre Piddle to Eckington

The group met as arranged at 9.00am in Eckington Bridge car park. Lesley and Malcolm, Margaret, Richard, David A. and Terry then travelled to Wyre Piddle and waited to meet up with Ann, Malcolm and Lesley used this time to finish breakfast. We started walking around 9.20am leaving the village along Church Street passing some attractive black and white half timbered houses, a marina and Pershore Rugby Club. Leaving the lane we entered a meadow close to the river and headed into Pershore visiting the Abbey. Once through Pershore we crossed the river on Pershore Bridge and started a gentle climb up to Pensham Hill then into Pensham Fields, vegetable growing area, giving good views of Bredon Hill in front of us. After about a mile we reached the Avon again and found some newly cut logs to sit on for our break.

Heading off we followed the river for a short distance then started climbing up towards Great Comberton, it was at this point that Richard, mind probably still in Spain, realised he had left his stick by the logs used for our break. Malcolm walked back with him to retrieve it whilst the rest of the group waited. Some lovely houses with attractive gardens were noted as we passed through Great Comberton eventually making our way towards Nafford. The footpath took us a past many sheep with young lambs with views of the Avon below and Malvern Hills in the distance, as the footpath climbed to the top of a bank we headed cross a large open field with a strong cross wind making us glad it was not raining. Dropping down to Nafford lock we crossed the river and headed into Birlingham and on to Eckington Bridge, as we arrived ( 12.50 pm ) it started to rain, some might say good timing. Into the cars and up to the Anchor for a welcome drink and lunch. There must be  something about Mondays as some orders had to be retaken, Chef had run out of some ingredients, it was however better service than the previous week.

Our thanks to Terry Greenwood for arranging this walk and for the text on this page.
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This page updated on 12 May, 2012

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