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Shakespeare's Avon Way

Stage 10: Bidford-on-Avon to Evesham

A larger than usual group consisting of David Aldred, David Hilton, Margaret Wise, Richard Thomson, Lesley and Malcom Shepherd and Terry Greenwood met as arranged at Ecgwins Club Evesham and boarded the 8.45 am bus to Bidford, unable to use their Gloucestershire Bus passes the £ 3.90 fare was somewhat of a shock.

Terry, Richard, Lesley, Malcolm, Margaret, David Hilton and David Aldred about to set off on stage 10

Arriving in Bidford we walked across the bridge and set off along the bank of the River Avon in lovely warm weather on the appropriately named Avon River Walk. Reaching the end of this path at Marcliffe we passed through the village and then climbed up to the top of the hill, walking back towards the river we had excellent views in the direction we had come with the Avon down below. Continuing on we eventually reached a path to take us down to the River and walked along the riverside for some time. This week we remembered the name of ducks observed as tufted ducks with Canada Geese, swans and mallards. 

By a large Weir we had a break ,after walking for a hour and a half, on some conveniently placed stones then proceeded into Offenham. Passing through market gardens, with envious looks at the prepared soil, we reached the Village Hall. At the point of crossing the Evesham Byepass timing was emaculate as traffic gaps appeared as if by magic making crossing of the busy road easy, references comparing us with Moses were heard.

On route     A welcome coffee break

Once over the Byepass we made progress to Evesham and saw it from a different perspective to what most of us were used to. Crossing the River using the road bridge we passed through the shopping centre of Town and arrived at Ecgwins at 12.50pm to enjoy a relaxing drink and good meal, thanks to Richard for organising this.

Our thanks to Terry Greenwood for arranging this walk and for the text and to David Aldred for the photographs on this page.
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