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The Gloucestershire Way

Stage 9: Longford Bridge to Minsterworth

Lesley, Malcolm, Richard, Margaret W., David H. and Terry left Longford Bridge on a cool morning and set a good pace on the level walk towards the Eastern Channel of the Severn. We continued along the Severn as far as the Gloucester Riverside Sports Club, Richard and Malcolm showing their level of paramedic skill in quickly coming to Terry's aid by putting  a small plaster on his cut finger caused by barbed wire,a real bloody situation!

After negotiating the road bridge over the Severn we entered pasture again and came across some rather large cattle who were definitely not moving off the path so we diverted slowly round them. Next item of interest was a black artistic swing gate evidently placed to celebrate the millennium, strangely next to it was a new anodised swing gate and it was not necessary to use either. Continuing across Telford's bridge we made our way by road,rail and fields towards Minsterworth, passing one house with a helicopter in the drive, eventually reaching the Severn again and following the river to Minsterworth Church.This stretch felt like the Grand National with many difficult stiles where secateurs would have been useful. A fine lunch was then enjoyed by all at the Over Toby Carver.

Our thanks to Terry Greenwood for the text on this page.



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